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Children Occupational Protection Act

Posted by [email protected] on January 25, 2015 at 6:20 PM

Children Occupational Protection Act


Article 1. Children shall be required to go to school from age 6 to 17.


a) Once a child reaches 18 they must have a parental consent to drop out if the wish.

b) Children may not be hired by a business until age 15.


Article 2: Schools shall treat students fairly and shall not discriminate by race, gender, or ethnicity.


a) Schools in violation with this article shall be fined by having an amount of their funding cut back and the amount of the funding shall be left unto the states to decide.

b) Students with criminal enslaved parents shall not be turned away from education.

c) Students of different race, religion, and/or sexual orientation shall not be denied into a school because of those qualities. If they are then the schools shall be fined by an amount that is higher than the one stated in subpoint c.


Article 3. Schools shall punish their students who misbehave appropriately.


a) Teachers shall not beat their students.

b) Students can be suspended for discrimination against other students.

c) Students will be expelled for destruction of school property and will be required to replace it. If they cannot then the money shall be garnished from their parent’s tax returns.

d) Schools shall be penalized for not following the above points.


Article 4. Schools shall make sure students do not fall behind by creating advanced and, pre classes in schools for those who are advancing and are above average. The Schools shall create a special education program. Schools shall submit their students to testing to guage how well the school is doing.


Article 5. Creates the Department of Education which will collect the scores and take care of school funding from the state level. This act will take affect upon passage.




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