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Printing Regulatory Inflation Control Act

Posted by [email protected] on April 8, 2015 at 11:40 AM

Printing Regulatory Inflation Control Act

Article 1: Due to the correlation between inflation and the amount of currency available the federal government shall regulate how much the Federal Reserve shall print.

Article 2: The Federal Reserve shall only print currency in correlation with the growth or shrinkage of the Kyrian economy of that rate that is already being printed. For example say that the economic growth for the quarter is 2% so the federal reserve will only increase their printage by 2%. The same case shall apply for shrinkage except the rate of prinatage will decrease.

Article 3: Kyrian banks shall be barred from buying Kyrian debt as it only harms the nation by creating an ever growing cycle of growing debt while these corporations profit from it.

Article 4: All debt currently owned by Kyrian banks shall be absolved and nullified.

Section 1: The Federal Reserve shall compensate 10% of the debt purchased to the banks.

Article 5: This bill shall be administered by the FTC and the KIRA.

Article 6: This bill shall go into effect immediately upon passage and all rules and regulations in interference with this law shall be stricken null and void.



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