The Brotherhood of Kyro

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The Brotherhood of Kyro was formed in 2006 when BFN took control of the second BU capitol at Neo City. Kyro was ment to be a temporary government but they ended up winning the war today they have 10sq. miles of land in Topeka, KS, Midland and Lubbock, TX.
Kyro Politics
Currently Kyro is a Democray. In 2011 they were under Socialist rule, but an uprising brought the leader to its knees. Currently Allan-Michael Lannan is the president of Kyro. Kyro is made up of the states of Mongolia, Veitnam, Ottowa, Green Day, Czech, and Yugoslavia. The Capitol of Kyro is Ft. Chackees in Topeka, Kansas. Kyro was recongized by the Republic of Mollosia on April 17th, 2012