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Gun Rights Act

Posted by [email protected] on February 1, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Gun Rights Act

Article 1: This bill shall establish many guidelines to the phrase, “Right to bear arms,” that will clearify and extend upon many rights and some limitations.

Article 2: When a person is at their home and someone breaks into the house or preforms a home invasion one may use deadly force to eliminate the threat or repluse the home invasion.

Section 1: Home invasion shall be defined as a person(s) who uses force to enter another’s house, home, vehicle, or place of work with the intent of but not limited to; rape, theft, arson, murder, vandalism, torture and/or sodomy.

Article 3: Kyro will now enforce open carry laws. This is being that if you own a fire arm and you own a liscence for it, you may carry it around publically and loaded. As long as the weapon is visible.

Article 4: Background checks shall be preformed on people attempting to purchase a fire arm and their ability to bear arms shall be denied if they have any of the following things.

- Committed a Henious crime as outlined in the COCA Bill.

- Been dishonorably discharged from the military.

- Have been found to have a severe mental disability.

- Have been found to be mentally insane.

- Under the age of 18.

Article 5: There shall be a few weapons excluded from the open carry laws. These are Class A military rifles and Weaponry. They may be owned, but not Open Carried.

Article 6: Buildings and establishments may choose to make it a gun freezone. In order to do this they must be registered as a gun free area and they must post a sign stating so at every public entryway.

Section 1: Active military members and police are excluded from this Article only when they are on duty.

Article 7: Schools shall be a gun free zone except for teachers who, by their own choice on weather or not to have a fire arm in the classroom to protect the children from a school shooter, and law enforcement officers.

Section 1: Teachers are not forced to have a fire arm in the classroom if they do not want to and the school board nor school admin may force teachers to have a fire arm in the classroom or not have one.

Section 2: Teachers will be required to still register if they choose to own a firearm in the classroom.

Article 8: There shall be no federal taxes nor background checks on an arms exchange between family members.

Section 1: Small arms exchange shall be defined as an exchange, or change in ownership, of 1-5 firearms with 5 rounds per fire arm.

Section 2: The family members must be blood related and have forensic evidence.

Section 3: This shall be enforced by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Article 9: This bill shall go into effect immediately upon passage and all laws in interfearance with this law shall be striken null and void.

Article 10: The Weaponizaation Act of 2011 is now repealed and shall no longer be in effect.


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